Medical components are often complex, high-clarity transparent, low weight parts with tight tolerances that demand exceptional molded part quality. We represent your best choice for producing the highest quality part through our superior process control and repeatability. We were the first to successfully mold with many engineering grade resins such as PC, PBT, POM and COP. You can also rely on our global support network to support expansion into emerging markets. Common applications include medical devices, PPE, syringes, pipette tips, blood vials, pill bottles and more.

  • Highly technical components/applications
  • Part weight range from <1g to 500g+ (typical)
  • Excellent surface and gate quality finish
  • High repeatability
  • High productivity
  • High reliability
  • Clean room requirements
  • Compact mold designs
  • Ability to process thermally sensitive and corrosive resins
  • Multi-material molding
  • Extending shelf life and freshness.

Standard Resins

  • ABS
  • COC
  • HDPE
  • PC
  • POM
  • PP
  • PE
  • PS
  • PBT
  • PA
  • COP
  • AND MORE...

Advanced Resins

  • LSR
  • AND MORE...
  • High cavitation
  • Industry leading melt management
  • Compact mold designs
  • Premium valve gating
  • Side gating
  • Tight pitch
  • Inside gating
  • Electric actuation
  • Supports fast cycle times
  • Auxiliary injection units
  • Co-injection multi-layer high performance barrier technology