Innovative and unique packaging for niche items that stand out from their competitors while getting to the market quickly at an affordable cost defines the packaging industry. Common applications include small in-mold labelled containers to large pails, cosmetic jars, single use coffee capsules and more.

  • Part weights range from 15g - 500g (typical)
  • Thin and thick wall designs
  • High injection pressures
  • Aggressive L/T ratios
  • Fast cycle times
  • Low cavitation
  • High productivity
  • High reliability
  • Extending product shelf life, freshness and flavour of products
  • Design differentiation options
  • Sustainability (Bio-Resins)

Standard Resins

  • PP
  • PS
  • PE
  • PET
  • AND MORE...

Advanced Resins

  • AND MORE...
  • Supports fast cycle times
  • Single face molds
  • Stack molds
  • Premium Valve gating
  • Robust hot runner designs rated up to 2,800 bar
  • Auxiliary injection units
  • Co-injection multi-layer high performance barrier technology
  • Global support network